Speciality Products & Custom Ear Plugs

At Oakville Hearing, our audiologist offers a a variety of custom ear plugs and molds to protect your hearing during work and play.

Custom Ear Plugs in Oakville

Custom Swim Plugs

Spending a lot of time in the pool can lead to an infection of the inner ear, commonly called Swimmers' Ear. The most effective way to prevent swimmer’s ear is using a set of custom swim ear plugs.

Our swim ear plugs are custom made from silicone to fit your unique ear, creating a tight seal that keeps water and bacteria out, protecting against ear infections and improving comfort during swimming.

Musician's Plugs

Whether you're in a band or an orchestra, making music often comes with extremely high volumes, and this can lead to hearing loss. And since hearing is the most important function for musicians, it's important to protect it!

We create custom hearing aids designed specially to allow musicians to reduce volume without compromising performance.

Custom Earmolds for Pilots

The cockpit of a general aviation aircraft can be very noisy, and so hearing protection is extremely important for pilots.

We offer custom ear molds designed to fit your unique ear canal comfortably, and help reduce noise while still allowing to you effectively hear radio communications.

Hearing Protection FAQs

  • When should I wear ear plugs?

    You should wear ear plugs whenever you are exposed to loud noise for a prolonged period. Generally, sounds are too loud if you have to yell to be heard, or if they cause ringing or pain in either ear.

    Wear ear plugs when working with loud equipment like lawn mowers, chain saws, and other power tools, when riding loud vehicles such as motorcycles, or at concerts.

  • Why should I choose custom ear plugs over generic ones?

    Custom made ear plugs are made to fit the unique shape of your ear. As a result, they provide better comfort and better hearing protection or a better seal against water than generic, disposable ear plugs.

  • How can I tell if I've already lost hearing?

    There are a variety of signs and symptoms that may indicate hearing loss. To determine whether you might be suffering from hearing loss, take our hearing loss quiz, or read about the signs of hearing loss.

  • How can I tell if I'm at risk for noise-induced hearing loss?

    Certain occupations come with a higher risk of noise induced hearing loss than others. For examples, farmers, musicians, factory and construction workers, military personnel and fire fighters are all at a greater risk of hearing loss because they often work in environments that can be very noisy. 

    In general, if you experience loud noise regularly in your day-to-day life, you may be at risk for hearing loss, and would benefit from ear plugs.

  • How can I talk to my boss about earplugs for my workplace?

    If your workplace is noisy on a regular basis, you should talk to your employer about hearing protection. Explain your concerns, and ask what your options are for company-provided hearing protection.

  • How can I tell if my environment is too loud?

    Prolonged exposure to noise levels louder than 90 dB can cause hearing loss. Permanent hearing loss can also occur from a one-time exposure to an excessively loud sound close to the ear, such as a firecracker (150 dB), popping balloon (157 dB) or shotgun (170 dB).

    In general, when trying to determine whether your environment is too loud, trust your instincts. If it sounds too loud, it is too loud, and you should take action to protect your hearing.

  • Are custom ear plugs expensive?

    Custom ear plugs are quite affordable, and worth every penny when it comes to protecting you from hearing loss. For specific pricing, please contact our office.

  • How long do custom ear plugs last?

    Custom-moulded earplugs typically last between three and five years, and sometimes longer. Their longevity depending primarily on care and handling; earplugs that are cleaned regularly and carefully stored last longer than those that aren't.

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