Hearing Aid Fittings

During your hearing aid fitting at The Oakville Hearing Centre, audiologist Nicole Clark will determine which hearing aid style is best suited to your needs, and make sure that the fit is just right.

Listening Environments & Expectations

Before selecting and fitting a hearing aid for you, we will discuss your hearing needs, the different listening environments you encounter day to day, and your expectations for your hearing aid.

We will also discuss the different types of hearing aids and hearing aid technology available, as well as the associated costs.

Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing Aid Fitting in Oakville
Hearing Aid Fitting | Oakville Hearing

Your Hearing Aid Fitting

Once you and your audiologist have settled on a hearing aid for you, the fitting process will begin.

Your audiologist will perform Real Ear Measures to confirm that your hearing aids are providing the correct level of amplification. First, a thin tube will be inserted into your ear canal. This tube is connected to a microphone that will measure the volume of sound near your eardrum without a hearing aid in your ear.

After we have finished programming the hearing aids, your audiologist will review hearing aid care and maintenance with you. You will practice tasks like inserting the hearing aids and changing the batteries here in our office, so you'll know what to do at home.

Adjustments & Followup Appointments

We want your hearing aids to fit you perfectly, and to be comfortable to wear and hear with! Sometimes the only way to find out if your hearing aid is effective in your day to day life is to live with and wear it for a while!

We welcome patients to visit us for as many followup and adjustment appointments as necessary to achieve the perfect fit!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Comprehensive Audiology Services

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